Available courses

A course on workplace Bullying aligned with Australian legislation. This course defines bullying while providing examples and tips on managing workplace bullying.

Below is a sample of the VET training course BSBITU314 Design and Produce Spreadsheets. This sample is provided for Registered Training Providers  to use in the provision of the unit.

All materials are subject to copyright laws and cannot be reproduced without permission from the Director of B and I Training. Reproduction or use of these materials without permission will result in legal ramifications. 

Managing workplace stress assists students in exploring the types of stress which can occur in the workplace, understand stress responses and learn how to manage stress more effectively at work. Students will use known/current places of employment, recognise stressful situations, address incidental stress factors such as time management and difficult customers then complete activities to assist in managing stressors at work to maintain work/life balance.

For RTO and education providers, This unit is designed in conjunction with principles aligned with accredited subject BSBWOR201 - Manage personal stress in the workplace. Applicable course design and mapping can be obtained if requested.